5 Minute Activity Walkthrough- Back Office


When your agent submit documents back to you for review, you can view those documents and those activities, in either the activities tab or the transaction viewer.The transaction viewer will show you all the activities that were submitted to the back office, you can search those activities bases on their status or trade record, by clicking on the status and choosing the status you want.

The transactions will appear on your list, you can edit the transaction name by clicking on the pencil, and we can enter that transaction by clicking on it, you will be taken directly into the trade record. Click on Activities, to see what activities have been submitted by your agent.


The green color lets you know that it has been submitted, and you can take a look at the document by clicking on the pdf. If you would like to accept, click accept, or return, you can even add plan or activities for your agent.


Let’s take a look to other tabs! click on the x to exit the page, then go to Activities, search in whatever filter that works best for you, i am going to search by client’s name, and we can see what is their status.

Click on the small arrow on the left, to take a look at the document, expand that activity, review the pdf.

When you are ready to review the activity, click on review, chose the reviewer, and then click save


After the reviewer has accepted the document, the document status will move to complete

Since it is completed, if you go and select only show incomplete , your activity will not show in your activities list since it is completed.

You can go to Transaction viewer as well, choose your transaction

You can see that they are completed, and assigned back to the agent, with the date. Or choose the incomplete, and the uncompleted activities will appear if you have some.

And that is the activities process for the Back office!